Meet the $FACT Token, Factiiv's High-Utility Cryptocurrency

Meet $FACT, a unique cryptocurrency token used to complete any in-app activities. Whether you’re trying to produce a credit report or you’re simply trying to verify your company identity - you’ll love the simplicity of our FACT token and its unparalleled utility.

Facts about $FACT

  • Fixed-supply token, 2 Trillion Tokens

  • 50% eventual burn from transaction fees (deflationary)

  • Used as

    • Gas-substitute, no network tokens needed

    • Settlement currency for in-app, B2B purchases

      • Identity verification
      • Credit reports from third parties (including Factiiv)
      • Merchandise, e.g. point-of-sale displays that link to credit reports
  • Rewards

    • Promotions

    • Onboarding incentives

    • Referrals

Token Allocation
Founders 12%
In-app rewards pool 32%
Network growth Launch promotions, influencers 18%
Operating expenses 12%
Product development 16%
Funding rounds Private 5%, Public 5% 10%

How to get $FACT

Buy in the app
Our in-app kiosk makes it simple and quick to buy with crypto or fiat payment methods.
Collect in-app bounties
Help our community by completing exclusive bounties to get your bag of $FACT.
Unmask your business
When you add to the validity of the Factiiv network you get rewarded.
Refer a business
Sharing is caring, when you bring new members to Factiiv we bring new tokens to your wallet.

How to use $FACT

Verify your identity
on the network
Create detailed
reputation reports
Generate on-chain
credit reports

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