Where we've been, where we're going

Factiiv is still at the beginning of it's journey to change the face of business credit. The roadmap below shows how we plan to do that.

Milestone 1

Smart Contract Development

  • completed Sept 2021

Milestone 2

Smart Contract Audit

  • completed Oct 2021
  • Conducted by Solidified

Milestone 3

Complete MVP

  • completed Dec 2022

Milestone 4

User layer Beta

  • in progress

Milestone 5

Onboard Beta Users

Milestone 6

Adjust platform based on user feedback

Milestone 7

Develop the AI powered Factiiv Assist Model

  • Train Assist on the Factiiv Credit Score
  • Provide users with tailored feedback on their credit journey
  • Train Assist on the implementation of blockchain

Milestone 8

Mint $FACT Token

Milestone 9

Put $FACT Token on TestNet

Milestone 10

Integrate Factiiv with the blockchain

Milestone 11

Implement the complete Factiiv ecosystem

Milestone 11

Take $FACT Token from TestNet to MainNet (Polygon)

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