Reimagine business credit with factiiv

Establish and report the credit-worthiness of your business through everyday business activity and the power of blockchain technology

credit reporting

A 18 billion dollar industry dominated by monopolies

Meet factiiv

Factiiv is a whole new way to establish credit for your business. We focus on the connections and interactions you make each day so you can run your business as usual while improving your chances of getting a loan.

Here's the thing

Business credit reporting is a flawed system with many pitfalls for the average business owner:

There's no clear way to obtain a business credit report

The process is difficult to navigate (if you can find it)

The reports are hard to understand

This leaves many business owners in the dark, often unaware that they have a credit report for their business until they discover penalties or errors.

Small to Medium Sized Business (SMB)

In a world where credit is the key to business growth the SMB tier is underserved by the credit reporting industry.

Seldom reports transactions to the bureaus

Unable to build credit through their normal business activity

May not even be aware that credit reports exist for them

Most contact is related to errors and penalties

the big idea

Build your own credit report through normal business activity and monitor credit progress in a simple way

Solving for TRUST

Until now, the Credit Bureaus have enjoyed their monopolies because they provide trustworthy information. Blockchain provides certainty, which means Trust. Factiiv renders credit bureaus unnecessary with trustworthiness of blockchain technology.

Meet the Factiiv app

Build your credit report with the people and businesses you actually do business with. Establish the facts of your business interactions and easily share your score in our web-based super app.

The $FACT Token

Meet $FACT, a unique cryptocurrency token used to complete any in-app activities. Whether you’re trying to produce a credit report or you’re simply trying to verify your company identity - you’ll love the simplicity of our FACT token and its unparalleled utility.

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