Reimagine business credit with factiiv

Establish and report the credibility of your business with every transaction.

credit reporting

An $18 billion industry that underserves 99.9% of businesses

Meet factiiv

factiiv is a whole new way to establish the credibility of your business. With factiiv, every trade counts. Every sale, every purchase, every loan, every transaction.

Here's the thing

Most business activities are not captured by traditional credit bureaus and do not end up on credit reports


Transparency - bureaus collect data from sources that are often concealed

Accuracy – important data from peer-to-peer transactions is ignored

Control – only data furnishers can report to credit bureaus

Access – SMEs face challenges when trying to obtain their credit reports

Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

In a world where credibility is the key to business growth, SMEs are underserved by the credit reporting industry.

Seldom report transactions to credit bureaus

Unable to build credit through normal business activities

May not even be aware that credit reports exist for them

Most contact with credit bureaus is related to errors and penalties

the big idea

Build business credit through day-to-day business activities and monitor credit reports in a simple way

Solving for TRUST

Until now, credit bureaus have enjoyed dominance by monopolizing transactional data. factiiv allows you to manage your own data, building business credibility and disrupting traditional bureaus.

Meet the factiiv app

Build your credit report with the people and businesses you actually do business with, each and every day. Track all of your transactions and easily share your factiiv score using a QR code generated by our web-based app.

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